Creative Flower and Plant Photography - Tips and Tricks for Taking Stunning Shots | 16.46 MB
English | 192 Pages

Title: Creative Flower and Plant Photography
Author: Hollman, Molly;
Year: 2022

This beautiful book explains the basics of composition and using your camera, but quickly moves on to show you how to try many different flower photography techniques, both indoors and out. Through clear step-by-step guides and stunning examples, it shows you how to capture the smallest flower portrait through to broad garden landscapes. There are ideas on how to develop a creative eye using available light, colour and background. The most important rules of flower photography are explained, and also how to break them. It shows how to use a light box in your home for flower portrait photography and still life and explains how to edit your photos and take them to another level. As well as practical advice it provides inspiration through a monthly photo gallery giving ideas of botanical subjects to capture throughout the year.