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Title: Co-workers in the Kingdom of Culture
Author: David Withun
Year: 2022

W. E. B. Du Bois was one of the great African American intellectuals of the early twentieth century. He was a prominent civil rights leader, sociologist, historian, educator, author of several works of fiction, and one of the founding figures of Pan-Africanism. Du Bois's works are filled with allusions to the classical mythology, philosophy, and history that permeated his education. In the first book-length discussion of the topic, David Withun examines the influence of classical authors on Du Bois's thoughts about education, the arts, government, and society. The influence of classical philosophy, particularly that of Plato and Cicero, is apparent in some of Du Bois's most distinctive ideas, such as the concept of the Talented Tenth, his opposition to Booker T. Washington's industrial education, and in his support of propaganda through art. Withun also explores Du Bois's critique of the classical tradition in his responses to modern racism and colonialism. While Du Bois adopted a...