3D Printing - A Revolutionary Process for Industry Applications | 2.71 MB
English | 206 Pages

Title: 3D Printing
Author: Sheng, Richard;
Year: 2022

3D Printing: A Revolutionary Process for Industry Applications examines how some companies have already adopted 3D printing, gives guidance on critical areas such as manufacturing supply, and traces the lifecycle of 3D printing as well as cost drivers and influences. The author leverages his experience in leading engineering firms to bring together an industry-by-industry guide to the potentials of 3D printing for large-scale manufacturing and engineering. The book provides all the skills and insights that a Chief Engineer would need to address complex manufacturing problems in the real-world using 3D printing technology.
As 3D printing is a rapidly growing area with the potential to transform industries, the potential for large-scale adoption involves complex systems crossing engineering disciplines. In order to use 3D printing to solve manufacturing problems in this context, an array of expertise and knowledge about technology, suppliers, the uses of 3D printing by industry, 3D printing lifecycle and cost drivers must be assembled. This book accomplishes that by introducing 3D printing technology with specific references to 18 industry sectors.
  • Covers a range of 18 industries in forensic detail, giving the 'what, why, when, who, where and how' of 3D printing technology
  • Discusses how large companies have already adopted 3D printing for the design and production of complex parts
  • Gives guidance on essential issues in industry, including manufacturing supply
  • Details the conversion of traditional design and production processes to 3D printing technology
  • Helps companies lower costs and increase product quality through 3D printing