Classical Theory of Electromagnetism - 3rd Edition
pdf | 46.15 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 978-9812382191 | Author: Baldassare Di Bartolo | Year: 2004


New Edition: Classical Theory of Electromagnetism (3rd Edition)The topics treated in this book are essentially those that a graduate student of physics or electrical engineering should be familiar with in classical electromagnetism. Each topic is analyzed in detail, and each new concept is explained with examples.The text is self-contained and oriented toward the student. It is concise and yet very detailed in mathematical calculations; the equations are explicitly derived, which is of great help to students and allows them to concentrate more on the physics concepts, rather than spending too much time on mathematical derivations. The introduction of the theory of special relativity is always a challenge in teaching electromagnetism, and this topic is considered with particular care. The value of the book is increased by the inclusion of a large number of exercises.

Category:Microelectronics, Electromagnetism, Science & Mathematics