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The ChordPotion MIDI sequencer and effect plug-in (VST + AU) is your quickest way to create powerful and impressive harmonic phrases within seconds.

Improve your songs and arrangements with authentic and professional patterns that react to your chords. You can mix and combine different playing styles with each other to create your own unique recipes.
Do you already have some nice chords for your song?

Great! Because this is all you need to create impressive, captivating melodies and phrases from here.

Simply throw your chords at ChordPotion and use the intuitive interface to combine different playing styles with each other.

ChordPotion will generate new melodic phrases for you and play them on your favourite synths. You can also export the generated notes as standard MIDI files and edit them later on.

Connects to any of your favourite synths.

Includes hundreds of tested patterns that are used by many professionals around the globe.

Works for many styles and genres, including EDM, hip hop, rock, pop, lounge, synthwave, and others.

Immediately test out new playing techniques. Discover different styles easily and learn about powerful ways to transform your chords.

Edit existing patterns with the built-in sequencer and create your own variations.

Play your chords live from a MIDI keyboard or use the playback system of your DAW.

You can export the generated notes as standard MIDI files.

Use the integrated randomization ee to create endless pattern variations easily.

Dozens of presets to get you started quickly. Use the system clipboard to share your own presets with other users.

Switch between 12 different pages to expent with your creations.

Two different swing modes and a "tripletize" function make everything "more human" if needed.

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