Update v1.04:

Alright, this is the last small update of today.

The floating doors when transitioning from office to reserve1 have been fixed.


Fixed achievement Bad Case of the Mondays being impossible to obtain
Fixed "skip the meeting" -hint apperaring after exiting the meeting room (issue #281)
Fixed random floating doors under the bridge when transitioning from office (issue #280)

Update v1.03:

Hello folks!

We're terribly sorry for the last update which broke the second level completely by removing player's flashlight and camera amongst other things. This is now fixed, but the floating door problem still remains as the level update process takes a lot of time. A new update fixing this will follow in a few hours.

Fixed a voice actor missing from the credits
Fixed some visible seams in the character models
Fixed the "continue" button in the main menu after starting a game and then returning to the menu


Fixed player zoom
Fixed player spawning without his flashlight and camera

Update v1.02:

We have fixed the level transition problems which prevented some people from progressing at all since the first level.

Now you can play the Part 1 from the beginning to the end without unpleasant and unwanted blocks in progress.

Downside of this update is that savegames may have been broken from the affected level forcing players to restart the level or even the whole chapter.

We will now start working on the other bugs and issues, including some kind of a tutorial and guidance mechanics for the first level, options etc.

Changed the "skip" option in the intro so that the hint message isn't displayed until later
Fixed black screen on some systems when transitioning from office to reserve1
Fixed black screen on some systems when transitioning from furnace to tower
Fixed crash when transitioning from watertreatment to sewer
Fixed certain documents in tunnel4 not being photographable
Fixed certain subtitles not displaying in tunnel4

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Developer: Loiste Interactive
Publisher: Loiste Interactive

Release Name: INFRA.Part.I.Update.v1.04-CODEX
Size: 234 MB