NO underage porn!
NO animal porn!
NO url shortening or link protection service. Direct link to file hosts only!
Filehosts must not require our users to pay to download, our users must be able to download for free or that filehost will be censored.
NO redirectors.
DO NOT advertise your site(s)!
Movies can be repost, but links must be different.
Links must be parsed, must be 'clickable', otherwise poster is considered as a spammer and banned.
The following filehosts are banned permanently no matter how they will change, don't make any post with their links after the date specified or you will be banned:
- Filesonic (since March 9th 2012)
- Fileserve
(since March 9th 2012)

It is very hard to use the search system to find stuffs within a thread with too many posts, so we would recommend you to avoid posting megathreads. You can create as many threads as you want, no duplicating content of course.

If something is not clear, don't hesitate to ask the staffs by creating a topic here: or email us: admin (@)